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CCC Networks, Inc

Andrew Ramirez, owner of CCC Networks Inc, has a mission for the company.  His mission, as his father’s before him, has always been to provide exceptional product and service.  His integrity and belief in himself shows in the quality of CCC’s work.

There may be people with the same amount of technical expertise and experience as Andrew, but the reason Andrew is successful is due to his character, which is the key ingredient that sets him apart.
Andrew is a man that demands perfection of himself and his work.  It bothers him if wires are not wrapped, organized, and visually very neat and in place.  It is not because he is paid for the job, or he is supposed to do it, but because he is a man that wants things done right just for his sense of things being in their place. 
This is the type of person you want for your job because you know it will be done right.  Andrew will not take shortcuts, will not do unnecessary work, and will always do it “the right way.”
As owner of the company, Andrew ensures that all employees also produce the same high quality work he expects of himself.
When you know a man has integrity, you can rely on him.
Andrew grew up in the family business and began to actively work in telecommunications at the age of 15 when he pre-wired cable for phone systems that CCC was installing for their business clients.
His more extensive formal training began at the age of 21 covering all aspects of sales, product, installation, repair, and support of communication systems.  In 2011, he earned his ICC Master Certification, and in December of 2012, he received his Contractor’s License # 1007969.
His work product, in line with the mission of CCC to provide superior quality products and service, is exceptionally organized and well planned with professional results. 

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